Friday, July 07, 2006

pasta, anyone?

As reported yesterday, I was on dinner duty last night and was making turkey tetrazinni. I had gone to the store earlier in the day to pick up a few items for the recipe, and at the appointed hour I began to cook dinner. It came time to cook the pasta and I opened the cupboard to find--no pasta! Well, to be truthful we have lots of whole wheat pasta that Ken likes, but I'm not fond of the stuff, and, after all, this was my recipe! Guiltily I asked Ken if he would go to the store and get some pasta. Spaghetti or penne, I suggested. Well, he came home with this. "You want pasta?" the offering seemed to say, "You've got pasta!" I chose the bowties for a change of pace.

Since the weather was so incredible, Ken suggested that after dinner we take advantage of the cool temps and go to a new miniature golf place that is just opening about a mile from us. Great idea! The course is okay, and for whatever reason seems to me to be an obvious purchase of a stock course blueprint, or whatever you call a plan for a golf course. It looks amazingly like the one in this picture, which I downloaded from Google. In any event, I was in rare form, missing several holes in one by a mere breath (and I mean a breath—that ball kissed the rim of the cup a couple of times) or inches. I’m chalking it up to beginner’s luck, not that I can’t putt decently, but I’ve also been known to blow it on short putts that seemed to be a sure thing. Anyway, it was fun.

In other news… I hit a half mile today at the pool!! Woooooohoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been working at building my endurance to be able to do this, and today finally decided it was time to push past where I had been all week and go for the distance. Having reached that milestone I now need to get a lap counter. Distance swimming is too boring to have the mind occupied with counting laps, and I don’t suffer boredom easily. I could be using that time for sermon preparation, after all! This was a nice way to end the week and move into the day with the hope of other successes along the way. TGIF!!


Gail said...

Hi Anne, congratulations on your half-mile-stone! Looks like you can have some nice pasta salad for the next hot day.

Ruth said...

My husband would have done that, bought every available pasta, in fact that is what he does. Must be a man thing - doesn't want to disappoint!

Love mini golf, wish we had a course near us.

Jules said...

Good morning dear friend. Congrats on making your half mile goal. And, what fun to just pick up and go play mini golf! Miss you!

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