Saturday, April 07, 2007


Publix can't open soon enough. Although we can shop at Wal-mart for groceries, it's on the other side of town, and produce is not their best event. The local Kroger is the best bet, and closer by a long shot, but when I saw the sign advertising those lovely french rolls spelled as "croissnots" I knew we were overdue for another choice. There have been other spelling anomalies along the way that make me wonder about the quality of Kroger management.

And then, miracle of miracles, the lot at the corner where we turn off the main drag to come to our house began to be cleared and a sign went up: "Publix--coming soon!" We are thrilled! Not only do we love Publix, but it is a mere mile from our home. The Exterior of the building is now up, the roof in place, and the exterior brickwork is beginning to be done. We can hardly wait, but wait we must.

There's also a rumor that Wild Oats is coming, and since they have been bought by Whole Foods, I am in seventh heaven. Should the rumor turn out to be true, I will have a mere five minute drive to procure my free-range and healthy food products, rather than the 45 minutes to the other side of Nashville (and a traffic headache) that I presently endure. This is progress I can live with!


Pam in Moncton said...

Happy Easter Anne! Nice news about the improvement in grocery shoppping in our area. I myself have never had a croissnot! Croissants I do like!

Jules said...

Happy Easter to you and Ken. May you have a wonderful day.
E and I were joyed to find a Fresh Market, a Sweetbay and a Publix all within a few miles of our new house.


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