Friday, April 27, 2007

it's been one of those weeks...

I've been having computer issues this week, but things took a dire turn yesterday when it crashsed three times, and this morning has crashed once already. There's no telling what led to this, and I am so technically challenged that even following the vague instructions on the screen feels like the equivalent of entering the first tier of a maze: no clue what I'm looking at, where I am going, or how to recover so that I can start over. Very frustrating. Ken has had similar problems with his computer for several weeks now, and though we've managed to reduce the frequency of his crashes, our "good fortune" will likely expire. Time for the geek squad, except we can't afford it!

In the meantime I'm still learning the nuts and bolts of the Pampered Chef, have closed my first show (which did great!) and am biting my nails with a couple of catalog shows that are out there. I'm also trying to recruit some assistance for a fund-raising effort for May, but so far am getting nowhere with that. I am trying not to get discouraged!

I've had my coffee and am now off to the pool. In the last couple of weeks lap time has also proven to be fruitful with generating ideas, so perhaps some more will come forth from this morning's swim. It will help if I can get there before the aerobics class!!

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