Saturday, April 21, 2007


I had my first Pampered Chef party last night. It went pretty well, all things considered, but I definitely initiated myself from the get-go. I had packed a container of garlic-infused olive oil, but neglected to secure the lid on the container. When I went to unpack my bags to set things up at the host's home, my brand new, never-been-worn PC apron was covered with the aromatic oil, as were several of the products within the vicinity of the spill. Oy. Thank goodness I had lots of time to clean things up, and when I got home I promptly put the apron into the wash. I guess every "first" needs a mishap of one sort of another, and this one was tame. You'd think, though, that I would have learned my lesson about properly sealed containers from the last dreadful experience I had with that--a can of pain spilling across the back seat of my car! At least this mistake was mine and wasn't costly, just unfortunate.

This morning I get to give it another go. This time, the container will be sealed. I'm no longer a first timer, after all!


Jules said...

Glad to hear that despite the oil mishap your show went well. I was there with you in spirit. Miss you madly.

Kip said...

So are you a PC hostess now? I love their stuff and think they sell themselves, they're that good, so you'll be great!


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