Monday, April 16, 2007

the trip we can't take

This morning I received an email advertising what sounds (to me) like a fabulous trip with my favorite Scottish fiddler, Alasdair Fraser:
A five-day adventure across Canada! Every day we'll have non-stop music and fun: workshops, open mic sessions and evening concerts. Three days and nights on board our own private section of the legendary streamliner "The Canadian" running through the Rockies from Vancouver to Toronto, 3,000 miles on the rails that built a nation! Comfortable sleeper berths, freshly-prepared meals, plus two nights in four-star Fairmont hotels in Vancouver and Toronto, kickoff concert and non-stop entertainment on board! A gorgeous 1950's art-deco dome lounge; diner and performance car with plenty of space for socializing, and our own on-board naturalist ready to explain the passing landscape.

Ken has indicated that he would like to do some train travel (which I agree sounds like fun), and I know from experience that traveling with Alasdair is a blast. The trip is in November, not the best time of the year to travel north of the border (short days), but better off-season makes it more affordable. Even so, it isn't affordable for us! Not including the cost of getting to Vancouver and home from Toronto, it would cost close to $5000 for the two of us! Not exactly in our budget this year, and probably not for several years. But it's the kind of trip to have tucked in the back of one's mind to plan for in the future.

Sigh. Guess I'll just have to be content with listening to Alasdair on my iPod...


Jayne said...

Wow, sounds like a lovely trip indeed. Like a dream journey. Just reading the description makes you happy! ;c)

Pam in Moncton said...

So if you ever do decide you can take the train across Canada (which I recommend having done bits of it, though not the whole thing), you must continue on from Toronto and go to Montreal and hence to Moncton. This will require 2 more trains: the one from Toronto to Montreal, and the one from Montral to Moncton, which actually goes to Halifax but if you kept on and went all the way to Halifax without stopping in Moncton first...well, that would just be wrong! Or you could skip the whole thing and just come here, although we have no mountains, we do have ocean!


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