Sunday, April 08, 2007

happy easter!

It's a beautiful day out there, even if it is the coldest Easter on record for middle Tennessee!! We have only one service today, which has allowed me the rare privilege of sleeping in a bit on a Sunday morning. I enjoyed lying in bed listening to the birds (who sang in defiance of the temperature), and waiting until eight enthusiastic paws decided it was time for their breakfast and launched themselves onto the bed as my wake up call.

It will be a leisurely day here after church. I'm planning to watch the final round of the Masters in hopes that Tiger will pull ahead and win. They all had a tough day yesterday with a rugged wind. The week ahead has varied events, one of which is that I am hoping to return to a weekly writing routine that I suspended last year when life was blowing me to and fro. It's time to reconnect to writing, and to invest some time in exploring the nooks and crannies of the spiritual life. It's past time, in fact.

I had a nice thing happen yesterday, a sort of Easter gift, in my mind. I was backing out of the driveway to head out on an errand, and just as I neared the street I saw Susan, a woman in the neighborhood I have gotten to know during morning dog walks as our paths crossed on a regular basis. She often had biscuits for the dogs, which offered us both a pause in the journey, and opportunity to do more than wave to each other as we passed. Yesterday's intersection offered us a chance to chat briefly, and as we were bidding farewell she wished me a happy Easter and then said, "love you!" It's nice to know that more than plants are blooming this spring.


Gail said...

Lots of people love you Anne! (including me) But I'm glad you are getting to know your neighbor and that it seems to be turning into a nice friendship. Happy Easter to you too!

Ruth said...

Been a long time Anne since I came and read your blog. I know why your new friend loves you, you are beautiful to the core. And what is this about going sales person on us. Good for you and luck with your new venture. Glad your new bishop is smart enough to listen to the opinions and thoughts of those who have been there longest. Biggest mistake is to assume you know when you dont have a clue. I hope it works out with all the unresolved and difficult issues he faces. Now you just gotta love that Dooley loves Ken. I do love it when my cats make a beeline for Jason even though he professes to hate them! Yeah right. Hope you are enjoying your Easter.


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