Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Most mornings my pool time coincides with one of several water aerobics classes. Although a handful of the women (and some men) in these classes are in their 50's (and gracious, that description will soon include ME!), most are in their 60's and 70's, with a few older than that. This morning when I was leaving the pool I passed two women on their way in. One of them was probably in her 70's--the other looked to be in her mid 80's, and walked with a modest degree of caution in her step. God love 'em. Many of the water aerobics women come early to the pool, some of them as much as an hour early and get in the pool to do some exercise, but mostly to socialize. I realize that for many of them this event has this double benefit. Still, I admire their faithfulness and dedication to the class, and I can only hope that as I age I can be as determined as they are.

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Jules said...

I think that gray haired lovely in the back is me! I've tried to IM you on msn several times. Miss you madly. And where is our Clare? hAVE a little something for you both...hope to get it in the mail before E packs it.


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