Tuesday, July 14, 2009

enough already!

You know I'm on overload when I get grouchy. The little things are what put me over the edge. Like a dog who, after eight ears of being so good and easy (this is evident by how seldom she appears on this blog!) has decided to act out. Juliet has been trained to the invisible fence since she was six months old, and has been obedient to it. Until recently.

The first few times she disregarded the collar correction she had merely ventured a few houses down the road, and it was always after dark. A few shouts of her name and she was home before worry could set in. Then she began to go farther. Then in the daylight. The last time I found her over on the next block, and this morning a drive through the neighborhood bore no sign of her. We've been careful to monitor her time outside, to keep an eye on her. This time she was out for mere minutes before she left the yard.

I don't know what's gotten into her. The collar works, but she doesn't seem to care. I can only think that it's McKinlee, which gives me pause. We can no longer trust Juliet to be out by herself at all. It looks like I will be returning to the pattern of pre-fence days at this house, when I walked her and Dooley twice a day. That was only three years ago, but I feel so much older than that now. Or do I have to make a choice between her and McKinlee? Juliet has little tolerance for the newest addition, which makes canine management a challenge.

Sigh. I don't need this. I need my energy for other things, like getting my Pampered Chef business going again so that I can bring some additional revenue into this house. (Ken does have a plan to work again, but he has had an awful spring and like me, lacks energy and motivation.)

Here's a thought: maybe this is Juliet's way to get me walking again. Hmm... now that is looking on the bright side.
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mompriest said...

Oh my, if it's not one thing, it's another. sorry about this. As someone who had one dog and then added a second, I understand. Walking them sounds like the right idea.

Genie said...

Gosh, it's amazing how similar your life and mine are right now, though in different specifics. Your canine travails are a mirror of my feline ones -- and they do take a toll on body and soul. Prayers, positive thoughts and blessings to and for you!

Songbird said...

Did you find her this morning? (Or maybe I'm not reading this right.)

Jayne said...

Can you turn the setting up on the fence to make her think twice? I can only imagine the sinking feeling of finding her gone.

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