Tuesday, July 07, 2009

morning flavor

Ken is beginning to show signs of wanting a healthier diet. Just last week he asked me to get some "healthy" breakfast meat when I went to the grocery store. Would turkey bacon do? An emphatic NO! I found some turkey sausage patties, which although tasty, were more money than he thought made sense.

"We should make our own," he declared.

No problem. I knew I had a recipe for turkey sausage in a cookbook for very healthy eating, and I would track it down. Additional mentions of making our own sausage over the last several days resulted in it being high on my radar when I went to the store yesterday and bought turkey.

We should have assembled the recipe the night before, but it wasn't on our minds then. This morning, however, breakfast beckoned and so we set about the task of making our sausage. It called for chopped apple (what you see here at the top), onion, and some spices. Before we knew it four patties were cooking in the pan and the rest had been packaged, labeled and found a home in the freezer.

It was a yummy breakfast, if I say so myself, and we've concluded that some garlic might give it a little bit more of a bite. But in the meantime we've got healthy breakfast meat and some encouragement toward a better diet all the way around.

Not a bad way to start the day.

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Jules said...

That sounds yummy. (better sit down) I've actually been cooking my own breakfast these days and my favorite is dried tomato low cal tortilla filled with veggies sauted in Pam, a table spoon of no fat feta and a dollop of no or low fat sour cream!...to die for and so filling.

Jayne said...

The woman makes her own sausage! I am so impressed! It really does sound delicious and looks really good in the photo. What time should we be by tomorrow? :c) XOXO

mompriest said...

sounds fabulous! I may have to try this myself, one day...this day I am not eating food - pre for surgery...sigh..


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