Friday, July 10, 2009

friday five: exercise

Over at RevGals Sophia invites us to reflect on one of my least favorite things: exercise!

Let me just state the disclaimer right up front. I hate to sweat. Especially in the heat. So me and exercise? Like oil and water. Except for a couple of things. I will dance until my feet hurt, and I used to swim half a mile every day, and may yet again (you know, you can’t tell you’re sweating in the water).

Now here's the irony. When I was a freshman in high school I was on the girls field hockey, basketball and volleyball teams. Yes, me. It was about relationships, okay? Even more ironic? My BA is in Physical Education. Shhh.

1. What was your favorite sport or outdoor activity as a child?
I loved gymnastics, even though I was gawky and lacked the strength to do it well. That interest, however, led to an opportunity to coach while I was in college, and I loved that!

2. P.E. class--heaven or the other place?
I tolerated PE most of the time. It was the sweating thing…

3. What is your favorite form of exercise now?
Lifting my coffee mug to my lips. I do lots of reps of that.

4. Do you like to work out solo or with a partner?
It depends on what I’m doing. I used to walk the dogs twice a day and they were great partners. Wonderful listeners most of the time.

5. Inside or outside?
Climate control is a wonderful thing! But for walking, definitely outdoors.
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Sally said...

:-) love the coffee cup work out!

RevDrKate said...

Coffee reps...oh definitely...doing them even as I write, which is another good thing about them!

Barbara B. said...

After reading about the coffee cup work out, I realize I'm in much better shape than I thought! Going to go refill my cup and do more exercise now... :)

Purple said...

You had me smiling all the way through with your answers. Love watching gymnastics...amazing...just amazing.

Sophia said...

I did a little gymnastics--never got proficient--but it was really fun.

mompriest said...

I loved gymnastics too - the uneven parallel bars, the parallel bar, and the trampoleen (sp) stuff - not any good, but fun.

Post surgery my favorite exercise is the coffee cup rep - or water...LOL, so funny!


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