Thursday, July 30, 2009

woohooooo, part 2

Woohooo, indeed! As my sister-in-law likes to say, we're so excited we could just plottz! (or however you spell that).

We tried to reach Junior and Trisha yesterday to find out if the plan for the proposal unfolded as designed, and to get some details filled in. Alas, the word was out and I suspect they were pretty busy fielding phone calls, questions and congratulations since we weren't able to reach either one of them. And Trisha is no doubt still a-flutter with the reality of being newly engaged! Minus the details we can at least tell you what was planned, though sharing the intended itinerary alone has much less drama!

Junior arranged for a limosine to pick Trisha up at work at 4:00 PM. In the limo were three dozen red roses and a dress and shoes to wear to dinner. The limo then delivered her to a spa where she had a massage, manicure and pedicure, then an appointment with a hairdresser (who had been given a picture of Trisha in a particular 'do). I'm assuming that makeup came with the hair.

Ken and I have different recollections of where Trisha was going to change into her dinner clothes, but let's just take it for granted that her clothes did, indeed, get changed!

Next stop, dinner at a very nice restaurant. I think I'm missing part of the story about dinner, because Junior was in cahoots with the restaurant about something, but to my knowledge they didn't do anything there except eat and enjoy a bit of animated conversation! I'm also imagining that Trisha might be thinking that the pampering prelude was setting the stage for a dinner proposal. What a shock it must have been when that didn't happen!

From dinner the next stop was an airport. I don't know which one and Ken doesn't know which one, but it really doesn't matter (it only occurs to my brain to wonder so that I have all the facts). The destination at the airport was a helicopter that would take them for an evening ride over the city of Atlanta. It was there, in the air, that the proposal was to take place.

Back here on the homefront we were a bit giddy with anticipation. We'd look at the clock and say, "the plan is underway!" or "dinner!" Once the helicopter appointment time came and went we couldn't be separated from the phone, but in due time, sleep overtook us. At 11:00 our time my phone, by the side of the bed, woke me up and Junior responded to my groggy hello with the news that he was an engaged man! Woohoo!!

What's next? The first order of business is that there is a party happening in Augusta. Trisha just completed the final requirements for her degree in Business Administration and will be starting work soon. To celebrate that transition in life the party was planned as a graduation and moving party. With this latest change in status, the party now celebrates an engagement as well. Prior to the prposal we had debated going to the party. We adore Trisha and wanted to be there to celebrate her achievements. The kicker was that it is at 6:00 PM on Saturday, six and a half hours away. Too tight to be back for Sunday morning. The engagement, however, makes this a family affair, so tomorrow morning we will head to Augusta for the hoopla, returning Sunday.

As for the when and where of getting married, there are no details yet, though I image we'll be talking about that this weekend. Junior is slated to deploy sometime next year (I'm cringing--unless he goes back to his old unit with the Rangers he will not be nearly as safe), so it is probably safe to say that they will get married prior to that. But who knows? When we get back from the weekend I'll have lots more information to share.

Today I am grateful for love. For Junior and Trisha, especially, and the joy they bring to my heart as part of my family. These are my favorite pictures of them. I'm so delighted to share the joy!
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Mompriest said...

How exciting!!!

karen said...

CONGRATULATIONS to all involved!!!!
How exciting for you and Ken...I know how much you love Junior and adore Trisha!!!
Looking forward to all the details!!

Jayne said...

Yea! Hooray! Congratulations to them both! How very exciting!!!! :c)

Maria said...

Wow! What an awesome proposal. She is one lucky girl. Congratulatons to all!

Maria said...

P.S. She is going to make one beautiful bride!

Pam in Moncton said...

Congratulations to all! Especially Junior and Trisha of course! He sure has the romantic touch hasn't he?

Sophia said...

Congratulations! What a great story.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

what a beautiful story... and wonderful for you all!!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story! Congratulations to your family:-)

Barbara B. said...

Yes, wonderful! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww, I mean, really, awwwwwww! How exciting! Congratulations to all.


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