Wednesday, July 15, 2009

wednesday wobble

I've been meaning to do a thorough cleaning in my bathroom. You know, the mirror that extends the full length of the vanity, the countertop, sink, the tub and shower walls, floor, toilet, cobwebs, heck, maybe even clean the windows! I've already bleached the shower curtain and tub mat. But now I have no choice because The Skunk Strikes Again!

This time Rigel took the hit. This happened after I went to bed last night, and since Rigel went to bed without a bath, let's just say the house does not offer a welcoming fragrance this morning. At least it's better than Ken's office, which took the brunt of the effects of Rigel's overnight confinement. As I write we're preparing to load the dog into the tub and do our best to de-skunify him. Then it's cleanup time! I think it's time to call animal control and see if they can't root out the skunk den and improve our odds at domestic bliss.

Other activity this week includes preparing for a big church yard sale this weekend. We're having families take care of their own tables and sales, with either proceeds or portions of proceeds going to the church. We're also including a bake sale, and Gail, I'm making your biscotti! Note to self: beware when Ken volunteers for something, because much of what is involved in whatever he takes on translates as delegating a whole lot of tasks to me, especially if they involve the computer. So much for the ministry of the laity! Often I don't mind, but it is starting to feel as though this yard sale is the work of a few when we tried, diligently, to set it up to share the load. Ah well. Que sera, sera. But get this! The forecast for Saturday, here in middle Tennessee in the middle of July is a high of 78! I'm still pinching myself. No precipitation in sight, and with any luck, we'll have a breeze. There ARE days when I can say unequivocally that life is good. And I do believe that the day will come when I can echo Junior's phrase that I'm "livin' the dream!"

This morning I had intended to go over to the church early to weed the garden. It's visibility is somewhat front and center in terms of the yard sale set up. Alas, de-skunking has derailed that plan, so I will postpone the weed effort until tomorrow. No biggie.

Juliet got her walk this morning and she was a very good girl. Before long I'll head to church for bible study, then lunch, then a doctor appointment this afternoon (just maintenance). And now, breakfast and a shower. Hope your day is off to a stellar start.
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mompriest said...

oh no...more skunk...yes, move that critter some place less close to human beings and dogs!

My day, breakfast with the Province VIII ECW for the installation of new officers, at General Convention in Anaheim. Now resting, later more volunteer work as a page in the House of Bishops.

Abe Lincoln said...

I enjoyed this post a lot. Skunks are neat animals but best left to their own devices. LOL

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