Thursday, July 16, 2009

it's a wonderful (online) world

My online life began seven years ago when I discovered a message board (MB) sponsored by a scrapbook magazine. I was unemployed at the time, recovering from the trauma of a broken engagement (my choice), and relationally isolated. I was working on a scrapbook for my friend Kathy, a record of our trip to California the year before, and in need of guidance related to a particular task I wanted to accomplish, I turned to the MB.

Life changed. I made some of my best friends through that experience, and though the MB is no longer there the friendships continue to thrive through blogs, facebook, and other MB's that have come to life. Best of all, many of us have met in person and several of us manage to get together as often as possible to enjoy each other's company "in real life."

Through another MB I met my friend Jayne, and through Jayne I met my husband. It was also Jayne who directed me to the RevGals blog, and through that blog I have connected with other kindred spirits and found sustenance for my soul. The network that comes to life through this online medium is an astounding thing.

Several years ago when the scrapbook MB was still active my friend Janet began a daily alphabetic post of gratitudes. It was fun to see what things people appreciated in their lives, and I made a copy of the final A-Z list to keep for future reference. I decided to put together my own scrapbook album of gratitude, alphabetically organized, and began work on it. I managed to finish the "b" page, and one of these days will get back to that album.

This morning Jayne posted about kindness, inspired by another friend's post who made a reference to gratitude, and I got to thinking again about my list. Life has changed since I first compiled my gratitude list, and there are new things to add. This blog offers a new way to share them. So in the days to come, interspersed with other posts, I will work my way through the alphabet once again, mindful of the many blessings that decorate my life, some big and some small. It is a wonderful world.


mompriest said...

Good idea! I may try this too!

Jayne said...

It really is quite amazing just how small a world we live in, isn't it? How really connected we all are, and how those connections continue to help us reach out and grow. :c) Gratitude is a wonderful thing to focus on, especially when it seems we are inundated with life. Love and hugs to you my friend.

Maria said...

I still have a copy of that list that you compiled for us back then. I someday also would like to do a gratitude book from A-Z. And I too have new things to add. I do believe that gratitude has changed my life and I look forward to reading the new things that you have to add to that original list!


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