Sunday, October 04, 2009

and they were blessed

That's Princess Lilly in my arms, looking back toward her mama. And in her mama's arms is Lady Sarah, a chicken. Both of these beloved pets received blessings yesterday at our blessing of animals event. I loved blessing the chicken! It was such a beautiful day, and it truly felt like God was smiling on all creation.

And then, out of nowhere, an idea popped into my head. A campground a few miles down the road from the church is home to a lot of families that have been displaced for various reasons: Hurricanes, floods, foreclosures--you name it. Today I will go there after church and offer blessings to their pets, too. It isn't much to offer, but it is something. And I picked up dog biscuits and some cat treats to distribute, too.

As a church we have talked about ways to minister to these families, but have felt "outmissioned" by the larger churches with resources that trample what we have. But today I will invite members of my parish to join me, and perhaps there will be some spark of outreach that will result. I can only pray for that. In the meantime we will bless the four-legged loved ones, and ask God to bless the hopes and dreams of the families who call the campground home.
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Jayne said...

I saw the story of that campground on the national news the other night. The kids, although sad that they no longer had brick and mortar homes, were happy to be in "community" with other families in the campground.

Here is the URL link:

I think anything you can do as a faith community to support these souls would be so very appreciated.

Songbird said...

What a beautiful idea!

KimQuiltz said...

Yeah! I asked about having an animal blessing this morning and he said YES! Silly me, you know I told my dog as soon as I got home. :OS

angela said...

Yes! I love the blessing of the animals. I'd bring my boxers...though trying to keep them from the other animals might be a full time job as I would feel like I was pulled on skis with their guidance...

Jules said...

I am so enjoying your blessings of the animals, love the chicken! And, I believe that every giving is a gift despite the size of the giving and even the smallest can make a difference to both the giver and the recipient. Your blessing of those animals at the campground will be so appreciated, dear Anne.


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