Saturday, October 03, 2009

blessed art thou

Companions of my heart, laughter of my soul, kindlers of love and breath of acceptance.

Today we celebrate the blessing that pets bring to our lives.
These are two of mine, The Lady Juliet and the late Dooley.

I have shared before the joy these friends and beloveds have brought to my life (and Juliet still brings). Dogs continue to do so, even when she is feasting on expensive furniture, destroying the carpets, and ramping up the chaos with her boundless energy. At nine months old I confess I love her best when she sleeps, but she DOES make me laugh a lot. And to her advantage I also recall that Dooley was a bit of a terror in his early years. He also created the biggest hole in my heart when I lost him.

So, McKinlee, it is my prayer that today's blessing penetrates your soul with a little bit of compassion for your poor mama, and that God implants in my heart more expansive tolerance.
I see potential, I really do. For both of us.
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Jayne said...

My, how she has grown! Dogs are such a blessing to be sure. :c)

KimQuiltz said...

Great photos, Anne! I especially love McKinlee's cocked head. Give her a few years and she will be amazing, the best ones are always that way.

Mompriest said...

This will be the firs year in 10 that I will not bless animals at church....maybe I'll have my own blessing at home! I too love the service, and love seeing the photos of you with yours!

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