Wednesday, October 28, 2009

food for fun

My friend Clare arrives on Friday night, and she will be plunged immediately into a full day of festivity the following day, which by chance is Halloween. Urged on by her enthusiasm for experiencing a "'home party," I have scheduled a Silpada jewelry party for Halloween morning. Entertaining on that day offers up a host of fun options when it comes to menu, although brunch, our time of day, seems to have fewer variations on either recipes or Halloween themes to make a real splash. No matter, we shall persevere.

I am not planning on making those charming chocolate vittles pictured here, though spiders will make an appearance in some form. And there is some truly disgusting looking food out there if I really wanted to indulge in the opportunity to blend the occasion with a spread of dishes authentic to the day. The idea, however, is for my guests to eat what I prepare, not just keep their distance from it!

So I've been having a blast searching for recipes that will suit a brunch and lend some holiday flair to the occasion. I have to admit that, much as I am not a fan of the personality, Martha Stewart reigns when it comes to entertaining and social occasions (like weddings). I will be leaning on her for the majority of my menu for Saturday, and I have already saved at least a dozen articles related to wedding ideas (think rehearsal dinner) that spring from her pages. Good old Martha. The best part about all this is that everything can be prepared ahead (which menas I will have a full day in my nice, clean kitchen on Friday!).

Today I will continue to clean: guest room and bath; and work: newsletter and spaghetti dinner. Yes, I think I can manage that. In the meantime if you have any really cool halloween recipes, let me know. I may just need to alter my menu!


Jayne said...

Have fun!!

Janet M said...

Your days look they they are going to be busy and a lot of fun. Can't wait to see you.

Jules said...

Only two more sleeps!


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