Monday, October 05, 2009

blessings continue

These are my favorite pictures from the blessing service we did down at the campground. That's Scooter on the left, and Sandy on the right. We didn't have a big turnout, which wasn't a huge surprise, especially considering that it was raining. Once we were there I was also reminded that life without walls, so to speak, also means that time and punctuality are all relative. It was still a wonderful hour with people who loved their pets and felt honored to have their pets recognized as vital parts of their lives. Today I will print out their blessing certificates and some of these pictures to take to them.

There's lots coming up on our calendar, and it's time for me to hunker down and get organized. I need to work on publicity for the breast cancer service as well as locate an organist and soloist. Our own organist has a regular commitment on the night of the week in question, and her usual substitute is, well, let's just say inadequate and leave it at that. Unfortunately I think the other musicians I know also practice that same night, so this may prove to be a challenge. In any event my work is cut out for me. Now to get to it!

Rain or shine, may your day be filled with light and blessings!
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KimQuiltz said...

Awwww, my goodness, how GORGEOUS! How gorgeous YOU are, never mind the pups - though they ARE quite cute - YOU are just SHINING with blessed beauty here!

Mompriest said...


Jayne said...

I know they so appreciated your efforts. Good luck with the service!


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