Tuesday, October 20, 2009

just a note

Mom and I hit the library for a quick email check, and while she is busy sorting through the thousands of pieces in her inbox, I thought I'd try to work in a blog entry.

Had a beautiful day to drive down yesterday, and arrived with twenty minutes to spare until sunset. Fall sunsets are more deeply gratifying than those in the spring because the air is clearer, making the colors sharper. There were a few whisps of clouds above the horizon, but they were essentially inconsequential. But my, oh my the colors of the sky after the sun went down were extraordinary! I wish I had been able to capture them on my camera, but I'm not learned when it comes to such low-light images (yes, I need to learn for just this occasion). The hues were golden orange, pink and purple, and went from pale and striking to bold and commanding. Such glory!

It was a cold day, which at Melrose translates to indoor heaters, a fire in the fireplace, piles upon piles of blankets on the bed, flannel sheets, and tossing jammies into the dryer to warm up before diving into bed. It was 51 degrees when Mom went to bed, not sure how cold it got during the night. Remember there is no insulation in this house, and hear souces are as described above! Such an experience is old hat for long-time Melrosians. I fear that some who might have arrived to encounter this would have made all manner of unpleasant faces (duly warranted!) and thought grimly about it. We're just used to it and we joke about it regularly. I even told Mom not to be surprised if I decided to climb into bed with her, since she had the electric blanket!

Today is another beauty of a day, and we are here in town for an assortment of errands. It's a very tolerable 65 degrees and sunny. Perfect fall weather. After the library we're heading off to look at some venues for Junior and Trisha's rehearsal dinner (they're getting married in Augusta), then will dash home to throw together dinner for our friends Jimmy and Barbara, who will join us this evening.

I may get a chance to post again before the end of the week. This oppotunity was unexpected, so I thought I had better sieze it!

Love to all!


Kip said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful respite with your mom. Enjoy!

Jan said...

Fall! How wonderful. So glad you and your mom are having fun together.

Jayne said...

So glad you all are having such good time together. Tell Barbara and Jimmy hello!!

Janet M said...

Glad you and your mother are getting a chance to spend some time together, it's a very much needed get away for you.
Enjoy your time.


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