Thursday, February 02, 2006


It's so nice to be able to include this picture in today's posting. A year ago when Ken and I met he brought me flowers at our lunch together. Yesterday at lunch time, the same bouquet was delivered to me! I love the combinations of color with these alstromeria and the golden plumes of the other (not sure what they are!). If they lasted forever I might decorate a room around them! When we'd been dating a month he brought me the same bouquet, but with a single rose in it to mark one month. Can you tell what's coming? We went out for dinner last night and there at the table was a bouquet of a dozen roses! I might sneak a picture of them in here later, but y'all know what a dozen roses looks like! And it's been dark since getting home from dinner so it's been impossible to take a picture in natural light. We'll see.

Today is definitely tax day. There’s nothing else pressing on the agenda, so I guess I’ll be clearing off the dining room table and spreading out the various records. I’m usually pretty organized with all this stuff through the year, but this past year has just been a little too frenetic to keep on top of that. At least all the papers are in one place, they just need to be sorted, organized, and tallied.

Off to the wars!

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samtzmom said...

Well, how very lovely and romantic is your Ken! :c) Hope you all had a wonderful dinner as you marked this first year. The flowers are just beautiful! And a DOZEN roses as well? You must be something special, girl! Have fun with the taxes... bleh.


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