Saturday, February 04, 2006

doing the hoki

So, Ken and I were out doing some errands this morning and stopped for lunch at Red Lobster. I'm on this bizarre diet (based on blood type) which limits pretty severely my choices for entrees: turkey or fish (but not shrimp, haddock, or flounder). It makes for a challenge when we eat out, since most menus are chock-a-block full of chicken, beef and shrimp choices. RL had salmon, tilapia and grouper on the menu, which was a relief, but then we were informed by the waiter that they had no fresh fish (i.e., the aforementioned choices), and they were waiting on the arrival of a delivery "any minute now." The fried fish sandwich was my only choice at that point, so I inquired as to which fish it was. I got a blank stare. "Well, it's, you know, fish!" Josh replied. I stared back. "I suspect it's got a more specific name," I suggested. "Would you mind finding out?" He grinned somewhat hesitantly (that look that says, "You're joking, right?"), but then nodded and said, "I'll be right back!"

Moments later he's back at the table, all smiles. "It's hoki!" he says. I've never heard of hoki, but that's okay, Josh and I were both learning new things. Ken starts laughing, and says, "Hey! You can report on your blog that you had hoki for lunch!" At which point, being particular about such things, I then had to inquire how to spell this delicacy! The three of us discussed the options for several minutes (there were multiple choices), and we all concurred that Josh could inquire about that, too. In the meantime I ordered the hoki (yes, that is how it's spelled), and we all settled back into our normal routines.

Lunch was fine. I only wish I'd had my camera so that you, my devoted readers, could also share fully in today's learning opportunity.


Kellee said...

Hoki...that's a new one for me. Was it good? That's much more important, you know, lol!

We don't have Red Lobsters in these parts, probably for the obvious reasons...I can't imagine many locals going there, although I have to say I have drooled over their ads often!

madcow said...

HOKI!! Of course you had to have it! It's the Kiwi blood in you yearning for all things "New Zealand"! LOL

Apparently "Hoki has been New Zealand's biggest single fish export for a number of years " (

I note with amusement from that website that "In fact you eat it every time you order a Fillet'o'Fish at McDonalds."

And, would you believe it, last night for dinner I had Hoki Fillets in Lemon Pepper Crumb with pita bread and salad - almost a fried fish sandwich 'cept mine was grilled and courtesy of my freezer! LOL Further proof of our amazing bond!

E noho ra!

Ruth said...

We get it all the time here because it is a Kiwi fish! Thank you Clare for sharing the NZ famous export. Good stuff.

samtzmom said...

Hoki! What a fun sounding fish to eat! Who knew we've been consuming it for some time at McDonalds and other places. If you never ask, ya just never know!

Kip said...

Well, they call the fish all kinds of things but basically, it's white fish, or junk fish the fisherman call it down here but it's Yummy. They only call it junk fish as it's so plentiful I think. I looked at that diet but way too restrictive for me and I knew I'd never keep to it. Good for you though, at least you're trying. Can't say that I've tried too hard lately! Still waiting on pics of the new house!
Love you!


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