Thursday, February 16, 2006

who wouldn't be proud?

I took this picture of Ken, Jr, to include in the card he made for his girlfriend. So often pictures of guys in uniform are so serious, it was nice to get him to crack a bit of a smile. Time for this picture to go in a frame for us, too! He's got a couple more medals coming from his last tour, and I told him that I thought it was a good time to switch to bars so that the weight of them didn't challenge his posture! In the meantime, we're just proud.


samtzmom said...

Very handsome soldier... I know you all are so proud. He so looks like a younger Ken. Uh...that's right... he is a younger Ken (Jr)! You know what I mean. It's those eyes.... :c)

karen said...

Morning Anne...Sorry I missed "chatting" with you this A.M.
What a handsome man..I have this thing for men in uniform...don't we all!!! lol
How sweet is he to even think to make a valentine..he did a fabulous job...and the picture is the perfect finishing touch!!!
Hope you two are well, and your moving plans are going forward!!!!
Love and Hugs to You!!!!

Kip said...

Oh, so handsome!! Wonderful photo Anne!


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