Tuesday, February 14, 2006

happy valentine's day!

To celebrate this day of love and affection I’ll post a few pictures of some things that bring joy to my heart! First is a picture of Katie playing with Portner, the family dog (I love them both!). They love to lay and snuggle together. I won’t say that Katie has no fear, but Portner’s head IS bigger than hers!

Next is a picture of “the street where I live” after a recent snowfall. It’s not exactly a street, since it’s paved with gravel, and there are all of four homes on it. I do have affection for where I live, but the snow is the reason I’m posting the pic!

Finally, flowers. I love flowers! Since her diagnosis Kathy has been the recipient of many lovely bouquets, and they continue to arrive at unexpected moments. This is a close-up of one of the arrangements that she received recently.

Happy day to all of you, hope it’s a blessed one!


samtzmom said...

And a Happy Valentine's Day and hugs to you dear heart! The photos are lovely. We have an unexpected day at home as Sam has a head cold and school called me only a half hour after he'd arrived to say that he felt really puny. I piled him full of decongestants and Tylenol, but it had littel chance to kick in I suppose. So, here we are, sniffling, sneezing, and enjoying a day at home. Give Ken hugs too!

Ruth said...

Anne, Ella is just a little darling. I really love babies. Your photography is always worth the visit to your blog. You did a great job with the flowers. Keep smiling and hope you enjoyed your Valentines day with Ken.


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