Monday, February 06, 2006

we're dog people

Although I occasionally question Dooley's allegiance (it's all about him, after all), it's nice to know that when Junior comes home the little rascal (the dog, not Junior) is willing to share his affection. Junior arrived yesterday, on leave since his return from his tour in Afghanistan a few weeks ago. Dooley is a snuggler, and he really loves nothing better than the opportunity to join someone on the couch and get cozy. Here's proof. He was snoozing comfortably when I got up to get the camera, and perked up a bit to see what was going on, then began his descent back into slumber when it became apparent there wasn't any food coming his way. Junior is just happy to be home.


samtzmom said...

What a sweet shot. I am sure Jr is glad to be enjoying the warmth and calm of the cabin in the mountains. Hope your visit continues to fill all your souls (including Dooley) with much joy. :c)

Ruth said...

a tad jealous of Dooley, snuggling is nice, sleeping is nice. Lucky dog to find someone so obliging.

Pam in Moncton said...

I'm sure Junior is enjoying this at least as much as Dooley is! Good he could have some time to come for a visit while on leave. It must be a relief to have him back on this side of the world.


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