Wednesday, February 15, 2006

this is just too cute!

This just goes to show that tough guys CAN have a soft side! Ken's ds, who is a Ranger in the army, is on leave at the moment, and wanted to make a valentine for his girlfriend. He had in mind what he wanted to do, wrote his own message, and set about rooting through papers and stamps to make his creation. He was very sweet to ask what I thought about his idea, how he could accomplish what he wanted, and so on, so together we set about getting it done. He did the work and I was available for consult. I'm so proud of him! Here are some pics of the completed task. He stamped the heart on the front, along with the letters. On the inside he wrote his message on the left, and on the right put the picture of him that "popped out" from isndie another heart that he stamped and embossed (okay, I did the embossing...) He was so excited about the popping part, LOL. I'll also include a pic that we took of him to use in the card in another post shortly. It came out so well I printed an enlargement for us to frame. Watch out, world, this army of one has hidden talent!


samtzmom said...

How very adorable! He does have a hidden talent, and kudos to you for assisting him in finding his "inner scrapper!" :c) I am sure his lovely will be so thrilled to receive such a special Valentine.

Whippet said...

Hi Anne:
That's so great and he did a very nice job. I'm sure his girlfriend will love it. Hope my nephew grows up just like that...he's just finished working on his Eagle Scout.

Kip said...

That's so sweet! He really did do a good job too.


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