Sunday, April 23, 2006

the bell begins to toll

I'm borrowing the above reference from John Donne's famous poem, the one whose first and last lines (or portions thereof) we know so well: "No man is an island..." and "ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee." In my world right now, that bell is warming up to toll for my friend Kathy. In spite of all efforts to slow the cancer and find some small niche of functioning in her life, it hasn't happened. She has decided to cease any medical intervention to prolong her life and begun the transition to hospice care for what remains of her days. Her internist, who has made daily house calls in the last week, believes that Kathy's passing appears imminent. She is asking when I will be there. This morning I will head to church with Ken and the dogs, and after the completion of my duties there we will be on the road to St. Louis. We don't know how long we will be gone--imminent is a difficult timeframe to translate--but I will use this forum to be in touch along the way. Your prayers, as always, are appreciated. Your love and support is felt keenly, and means so much.


samtzmom said...

I am so very sorry Anne... You and Ken be careful on your journey to say goodbye and know that you are heavy on my heart and in my prayers as well. Much love...

Kip said...

I'm so glad that Ken is going to be able to go with you today as I'm sure you'll need him to lean on in the days ahead. Having watched this happen with both my parents, all I can say is that hospice is wonderful and they are there not only for Kathy but for all of you too so I hope it won't be too difficult with the days ahead but my thoughts are with you Anne and of course, with Kathy. May her passing be peaceful.

Jules said...

Darling Anne, you, Ken, Kathy and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

karen said...

Dear Anne, Know my thoughts and prayers are with you and Ken as you travel...and also with your DF and her family and friends...This is not an easy time for any of you.
I am sure Kathy is comforted in knowing you will be there for her.
May God give you all Peace in your heart and comfort in knowing that Kathy will soon be in her eternal home, with Him in Glory!
xoxo Karen


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