Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

This picture from sunrise on the first morning of our cruise seems an appropriate picture to include this Easter morning. I confess I'm not feeling much like shouting "Alleluia!" today, but I do know that Easter is about light conquering darkness, so I can appreciate the significance of this photo.

I returned last night from St. Louis. Kathy was able to come home on Friday, an environment she much prefers to the hospital! It was also easier for everyone else to be on hand and alternate time with her individually, or even as a cluster of family. She has started a regimen of a new, oral chemo drug, the last shot at any hope of extending her life with quality and comfort. The percentage of people who respond to this drug is apparently small, but those who do respond do very well. we are hoping and praying for the best, but anticipating a journey that is far less satisfactory for us all.

Everyone pitched in to help get things arranged for her homecoming: hospital bed, oxygen, etc., as well as begin to put things in place for that time when she departs our midst. It was a difficult time, but a good time for us all to be together and share our love and concern for her along with our own sense of impending loss. I am so grateful to have been there while I could, and will go back when I can. Ken has been a prince to tolerate my extended absence!

Back at the ranch we still have LOADS of boxes to go through and unpack, and find places to put things. We are targeting a yard sale next weekend, and our goal is to be rid of half of the contents (at least) that now occupy the garage, as well as an assortment of other things that have been relegated to the attic crawl space or stashed in the guest room. In the midst of that preparation I need to find some time to bring some semblance of order to my office so that it is semi-functional, not to mention locate items that have been packed and will be needed soon (like the blue cartridge for my printer, which has run out!).

In the meantime I send wishes of joy to all, and the blessings that Easter brings.


Kellee said...

Happy Easter to you!

I'm glad to hear that Kathy is at least at home...hopefully the drugs will help her.

I'm guessing your hubby is thrilled to have you home, best of luck with the yard sale stuff!!


Robyn (Georgia Scrap Gal) said...

Happy Easter Anne. I thought of you and Kathy while I sat in church today. I said a prayer to give her strength as she tries this new course of medication.

We have been working on our garage stash for a good year now and it never seems to be clear enough to put something as novel as a car in there. I am taking a few days off and that is one of our projects too.

Take care,

Kip said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound and so sorry to hear about Kathy's state. I can imagine how hard that is for you but I know you brought her comfort by just being there for her. Happy Easter Anne and Ken. xxoo


Jules said...

Dearest Anne, am keeping Kath and her family, you and Ken in my thoughts and prayers. Love you, Jules

madcow said...

Aaah ... you're home and for that I'm grateful today. You and Kathy have been in my heart every day and I'm glad she is able to be in her own home right now surrounded by those who love her. I'm glad too that you can be home at least for a bit where we and Ken can take care of YOU! love & hugs Clare

Ruth said...

Anne, generally we have yardsales before we move! never mind, just cuts down on what needs to be moved. I hope kathy responds to the new medication, it cannot be easy for any of you. Enjoy your Easter with Ken, and i must say i really love your picture, breathtaking.

tiggerrules said...

It must have been very difficult for you to leave. Kathy and her family and friends have been in my prayers. Glad she is home where I'm sure is giving her some peace.
Good luck on all you have going on at your house.

karen said...

A Belated Happy Easter to you and your Beloved....

You and your DF Kathy and her family have been in my thoughts and prayers often this past week.
It is not an easy disease to deal with, I pray that the new meds help her at least have a comfortable transition...Continuing to keep you all in my prayers.


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