Sunday, April 02, 2006

sounding like a broken record...

...but not for long! The end is within our grasp. We have spent four days this week continuing with our move, and the last of it will be accomplished this afternoon. We had really hoped to be done before now, but we only have so much energy, and yesterday, even with only a few things remaining to pack, we had to call it a day and head home. A good thing, since it was 9:00 PM by the time we got back, and there were a couple of four-leggeds that were more than glad to see us! We'll head back this afternoon after church and a chance to unload things from yesterday to gather up the remainder from the cabin. ... In the meantime, for your visual pleasure, here's a picture of our first fire when we had company for dinner the other night. It was a beauty!


Jules said...

Morning darling Anne...see you in two days. Your fire place is lovely. Did you do your preboarding stuff on line for the cruise yet?

madcow said...

Don't give up darl! You're almost there! And won't it feel grand tonight to know there's not another load to be carried. We will leave all discussion of unpacking to a later date. Perhaps the unpacking fairies will visit while you're cruising? Love & hugs. Clare

Kip said...

I know you must be exhausted and I'll be happy for you when it's done too! The fireplace looks so cozy!!! See you soon!

katie said...

Glad the end of the gathering up stuff is in sight, and just think, you have the cruise to relax!!!!
I so understand how tireing moving is.....probably one of the major things that keeps me in the rental.
Your fireplace is so welcoming.


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