Monday, April 03, 2006

we're done! we're done!

Phew! What a relief... we have finally moved all of our collective belongings from the mountain, and not a moment too soon. Evidence of how weary this has become can be found in the fact that Ken's truck still contains portions of Saturday's move, and we have yet to unpack my car, even four hours after returning home. Enough.

Joyous as it was to finish the move, it was bittersweet to bid farewell to the wee girls, and my sweet little Carmella. They were very feisty today, climbing all over me and nibbling on my clothes. And oh, how they leap! Wish I could capture that for you to see, but there is nothing better to bring a smile to anyone's face than to watch these baby goats leap through the air (sproinging, I'm told, is the word to describe this), onto fallen tree trunks, over each other, you name it. Rascals, the bunch of them!

I'm trying to pack for my trip, and I think I actually have that task pretty well under control, though of course it is not quite completed! Later. Right now, a glass of wine with my hubby before we head out for dinner sounds like a better idea.


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samtzmom said...

Hope you made it to FL safely yesterday and are getting ready to embark upon your fun journey. The goatie girls are too cute! Have a very wonderful week, and know I am sending hugs your way.

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