Tuesday, April 18, 2006

an inch of progress

Okay, so we didn't make much (any?) headway in the garage yesterday. But we DID get every last box in the kitchen unpacked, and most of it put, um, somewhere! One feature of the kitchen is a set of tall, deep (24") cupboards. Great storage space, but so deep that anything past the first eight inches requires magic to retrieve. Unless, of course, you get drawers! A trip to Lowe's provided half of the drawers we needed (and we cleaned out their stock), but what a difference it made to us to have them and begin to arrange food in the cupboard. We also got the shelf put up in the utility area, replaced the closet pole and shelf in the closet in my office, filled two large boxes with kitchen items for the yard sale, hung up a wall-mounted coat rack, two kitchen clocks, and dealt with some miscelaneous storage issues in the bedroom. We are primed and ready to work on the garage today, our last day of assured sunshine before the weekend. Did I already ask you to wish us luck? We still need it!


madcow said...

At least Anne you don't have my ghastly little kitchen cupboards - they are so narrow I can't fit saucepans in them unless I chop off all the handles! Sounds like really good progress being made - you two aren't afraid of work are you! Ping me when you get a chance - time to catch up. Love & hugs Clare

samtzmom said...

Love the deep drawers! :c) Good luck on your continued progress. Hugs to you and Ken...


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