Monday, April 03, 2006

one last trip...

This is it! The last day of moving. Of course I have thought that to be close to being the case on other days, but I think it will ring true today! We had planned to empty the last bits from the cabin yesteray afternoon, but by the time we got home from church and unloaded the trailer and my car from Saturday's efforts, it was close to 4 PM. Severe storms blew in, and we sat in the car ready to go and looked at each other and said, "naaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." So, this morning we're heading to the mountain to retrieve the remnants. It will be an easy trip, and it's a gorgeous day out there after yesterday's and last night's storms (which were tragic for those in the western part of the state!).

We still need to unload Ken's truck from Saturday, then we'll be on the road. Finding places to put all these boxes is a serious challenge. We bought more bookcases the other day at Home Depot, and they will help a lot (tall, with doors for the lower portion), but they are unfinishsed and need to be stained and assembled, so we will live with boxes for a good few days here! (Or I should say, Ken will live with boxes, since I leave tomorrow for my cruise!).

At the moment I've got a couple of dogs who want me to put on my walking shoes, so I guess I'll finish my coffee quickly and get to that task. They've been so good about being on our schedule when it comes to THEIR relief!! Bless you Dooley and Juliet!

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Kip said...

How are the dogs liking the new house?
I bet they'll love it when you get a fence!


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