Sunday, April 30, 2006

back at the ranch

and we're picking up where we left off--unpacking! We have finally managed to unpack all the books that used to take up space in my church office: four, 36"-wide bookcases full! While Ken was handling that task (he loves fondling theology books), I tried to tackle the mountain of boxes and paraphernalia that were stacked in my studio office and had overflowed into the guest bathroom. The bathroom is now almost free and clear, and I have managed to unpack all my scrapping paper (I think). There's still lots of things to organize, put away, and find space for, but progress is progress, and I'll take it!

After this somber week I think it's time to revisit cruise pics. Gosh, it seems so long ago already, but so much has been crammed into the short time since we got back... I'll try to load pictures again later. In the meantime, it's nice to be back home, even if it's still chaos!



samtzmom said...

Thinking of you each day and sending love your way. Glad you are feeling such a sense of accomplishment with the settling in. Love to you both...

Jules said...

Love you darling. Have been missing my friend so. You should take a break from all your unpacking soon and join me for Winethirty.

Pam in Moncton said...

Hi Anne
Been thinking of you and of Kathy's family. Glad you are getting back to the unpacking and seeing some progress. Probably feels good to be busy! I have a disc of pics ready to mail out to you and they are also on SnapFish.


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