Wednesday, April 19, 2006


With the nonstop pace of life lately, I am appreciating relief that is offered in small ways. For instance, with all the clutter and disarray that is the reality of my living space these days (not to mention an awful lot of brown--must be all those boxes that still dot the landscape), some visual relief is nice. I'm offering that to you all today in the form of this picture taken down the street from Kathy's house in St. Louis. The weather was beautiful while I was there, and spring was fully in its glory!
We also have some relief here in terms of tasks. There is still plenty to do, and we will be busy enough to today continuing to work through the “to do” list that seems to grow exponentially with each passing day. But we were able to empty out the garage yesterday and sort through things there for the yard sale. We had to refill the garage before the day was over, but at least now we know what is there, and where those things are. Saturday morning early we will empty most of it again and try to sell it all! We dream of having nothing leftover to put back, especially some of the furniture, which takes up so much room. Anyone want a couch? It needs a little cleaning, but it’s perfectly good and quite comfortable for snoozing, I speak from experience! Today’s relief is from the garage!

My job today is to tackle my office and temporary studio. I don’t know where I am going to put some things. Though the space is bigger than what I left behind, an 8-foot work area (a must!) means sacrificing storage space. I’ve been dreaming of where to relocate the contents of Iris carts. Surely it can be done!

For right now, relief from having to do anything at all comes in a cup of coffee. Ahhhhh…..


samtzmom said...

Wow, sounds like you all made some good headway! I'll pray for no rain and very "ready to buy" customers on HUGS aplenty!

Kip said...

LOVE the flowers Anne and it sounds like you all have got a lot accomplished!!!


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