Friday, June 30, 2006

ugh! this weight thing...

I just don't get it. I've now been swimming six weeks, working my way toward half a mile (I'm not one of those machines that goes from zero to flying in a heartbeat), increasing not just the number of laps I'm doing, but also the intensity of the strokes. I walk at least a mile a day with the dogs, if not farther, am eating smaller portions at meals, reduced snacking to the point of almost not snacking at all, and have increased my water intake. This morning I decided to weigh-in and I've lost only three pounds, and am UP a pound from two weeks ago. I know that I have a slow metabolism, but all of the above is supposed to help. I keep hearing that I have to get exercise. I'm getting exercise! I am at such a loss about what I can do to shed the pounds that have crept on over the last few years, and am feeling so disheartened. Argh!!! I wish I could say I felt better now for venting, but I don't. Regardless, thanks for listening.


Kay said...

I don't know nne, it is a problem. If I will eat only when I am hungry, anad quit eating as soon as I don't feel hunger, I lose and then stabilize at the right weight. I had gotten(Now notice, I said IF, not I do...problem is, I love the taste of some foods, hungar has nothing to so with it). Also, you may need to rethink the ideal weight...I had lost to my all time ideal weight...was so proud of myself, then (finally) saw a picture that showed me looking 20 years older than I was and as if I were a smoker dying of DH hates this picture, but I tryly did not see myself as I was until I saw it...that, I suppose is anorexia. The people I worked with saw me every day, so they didn't see it either. I adjusted my ideal weight ten pounds up, and look so much better. That does need to happen as you get a little older. (you may not be there yet) But take are fighting the fight we all fight.

karen said...

Anne, Have you taken your measurements? I am sure with all the excercise you are getting that you are "shaping" up....the scale doesn't always reflect this! Take it from the Queen of dieting!
Hugs to you!!!

samtzmom said...

It's true you know... muscle weighs more than fat and so you've probably gained muscle with all your extra activity. I'll bet the clothes are fitting better? The scale is just a number, and that's why I get on one only once a year at my GYN appt. Let the number go... just keep up with the decreased snaking and increased activity, and you'll see... HUGS!

Gail said...

Right there with you Anne! The best I can manage when I really try (TRY means smaller portions, lots of walking, low-fat foods and little or no snacking) is about 1/2 to one pound per week. That's actually an OK rate to lose because you have a better chance of keeping it steady than if you lost a whole lot all at once. Exercise is good for more than just weight loss, so keep up the good work and the good eating habits. You're doing better than me these days!

Kip said...

I think if you stay on that track, you will be amazed at what happens to your body. You might not see it in lbs. at this time but you will see it in inches and then it will evolve to weight. Some of it has to do with age and me on that one, lol!

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