Thursday, August 03, 2006


I heard a piece on the news yesterday that left me scratching my head. To try to improve border security there has been legislation passed, or some standard updated, that would help identify false ID's and flag persons trying to cross the border who are on a watch list. Uniformity in what constitutes acceptable ID is the goal, making it easier to spot the fakes and prevent entry. Get this. These changes have not been implemented because it would create a hardship on citizens of other countries to conform to our standards and expectations, and this might impact tourism. Okay, let me see if I have this right. We're not enforcing regulations relating to ID's because it might effect our economy, but we're willing to infringe on the rights of our citizens in order to protect us from terrorists? Does anyone else see the disconnect here?

In other news on a smaller scale home-front, attendant attire took another hit yesterday when I learned that the dress we finally found that was to our liking is no longer available. Back to the drawing board!

So, dear, how was your day?


Pam in Moncton said...

Actually the ID thing is a big topic of discussion here too. The plan is to have Canadians required to have passports to travel to the US and also for US citizens to have to have passports to cross the border back into the US from Canada. At the moment and for a long time only a birth certificate and government issued picture ID is required between our two countries. About 40% of Canadians have passports but only 20% of US citizens (I may have the numbers wrong, but it's that sort of difference). People who have families on both sides of the border and normally travel back and forth, tourism operators and businesses (on both sides) who depend on cross-border traffic and many others are very concerned about this bill, while all agreeing on the need for proper security. Passports are expensive for some people and cost even more in the US than they do in Canada I think. Not sure how that's all going to play out. As for me, I have a passport!

Gail said...

It's all about the money!

samtzmom said...

More and more it reeks of government wanting more and more control. We become paranoid and not vigilent in terms of protecting our citizens. Makes me scratch my head too.

Sorry the great dress hunt still didn't pan out. You know me though... I'll wear whatever you want as long as I get to get misty eyed as you say your "I do's." :c) Love you!


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