Thursday, August 24, 2006

to my friends

I was cleaning out some files on the computer yesterday when I came across a couple of pieces of correspondence I had saved from six years ago. I kept them because writing them had helped me to identify some relational quandaries that were going on in my life, and I didn’t want to lose the path of awareness that I had cleared in the process of sharing my soul.

Independent of the discovery of that file, I had also been reflecting on the nature of some of the relationships in my life, and how they are shaped and nurtured by their context. For example, many of the friendships I made through the churches I served have different parameters and boundaries (for the most part) than my scrapping friends. Context doesn’t have to determine the quality of the friendship, but it does have an impact on its formation. Rereading the correspondence reminded me that some of the issues I addressed there regarding relationships and limits continue to be true. But I was also relieved to have in hand evidence that since that time I have, indeed, found other avenues for friendship that are life-giving and freeing.

To all my friends who laugh with me, cry with me, listen to me and put up with me, I raise my glass with gratitude and love.


Kip said...

And count me in as one of those who is very grateful that I found you and became friends!! And who would have thunk it, considering my religious leanings, lol!!
Love you and miss you and waiting for you to come back down here with us!

Ruth said...

Well Anne, you are one fantastic person to count among my friends. You keep on smiling and finding those moments to think about where your life has been and where it is headed. Smile.

Jules said...

And right back at ya, my dear friend, Anne. am really looking forward to November! and hugging you IRL.

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