Wednesday, August 02, 2006

name this place

Comfy leather chairs; soft, low light; gentle, meditative music; a hummingbird mobile descended from the ceiling; rich, brick red curtains; an oversized clock on the wall; coordinated prints in frames; bookcases and end tables that look like they came from Bombay Company... know where you are? If you guessed the ultrasound room at our local imaging group you would be right! Can you believe it? I went with Ken when he had his appointment the other day, and my only regret is that it never occurred to me to take my camera with me! This place is amazing. It's a new practice (or at least the office is in a new location), and it just screams, "we care about the comfort and experience of our patients." Our first impressions didn't hurt, either when we walked in the door. Coffee, juice, muffins and bagels were set out. But more impressive to me than that were the extra wide chairs in the waiting room for people who are a bit larger than the average width of a chair. That blew me away more than anything else, but of course I was totally unprepared for the ultrasound room. I found myself thinking, "how can I get an appointment to come here?" LOL. No, I don't really want to be there as a patient, but if I ever do have to go, it will be with considerably less anxiety. We just dripped with our appreciation and admiration for what they had done in terms of decor and creating such an hospitable environment, and they were likewise appreciative that a) we noticed, and b) gave them feedback. There's hope for the world yet!


Pam in Moncton said...

Sounds like the office has found a great way to make people feel more at ease and relaxed for their exams. Much better than the traditional waiting room with outdated magazines! Just saw your posts on the cakes also. Some interesting designs!

Gail said...

I knew it was going to be a medical office of some kind. Glad you gave them positive feedback and they appreciated it.

samtzmom said...

Wow... nice touches! Does make one feel they need to be


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