Wednesday, August 09, 2006

hump day

More and more things are coming together with wedding plans, and I have to say that I am enjoying the way that energizes me! I'm now working on finding the right dress for Katie, our flower girl, and yesterday I succeeded in finding the font to use for the invitations. That was totally serendipitous, since I came upon it while looking for something else that arose unexpectedly. Cool beans!

I also got a new phone yesterday, so maybe today I'll spend some time playing with it and learning some features. Technology changes plenty since I got the last one more than three years ago. Of course it has features for which I have no need, but as long as they’re there… what I’m looking forward to most is downloading a ring-tone, and I know exactly what I want!

Today is my day at the church office. I’ve got a newsletter article to write, and there are a number of things we need to begin addressing there, so I think today will fill up quickly with items on that list. So, like my t-shirt says, life IS good, but it sure would be better if we could get some rain!

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