Sunday, August 13, 2006

time to brag!

I have two very talented brothers, one of whom is a remodeling contractor. His work was featured in a book last year called Inside the Not So Big House, and that same project is the centerpiece of a brand new publication called Connecticut House and Garden. You go, guy! While he was still on that job I had the good fortune of getting a tour of the house, and though the pictures here are good, they just don't do justice to the whole that is the finished product.
The homeowners worked with Jamie and an interior designer, so in some cases it might be difficult to identify where one effort ends and the other begins, but they worked together wonderfully to create this fabulous end result.
Jamie is very much a detail person when it comes to remodeling, and you can see his touches everywhere here. I love his work. I used to say about him that he could doodle and create a masterpiece, and that's not a stretch! I'm so proud to be able to share his work with you here!


samtzmom said...

Wow, how very beautiful! He is a very talented craftsman indeed.

Jules said...

What a talented brother you is obvious your family has been blessed with many talented members (you of course my dear Anne!). I was sorry to hear about your table and the storm. I know exactly what you mean and feel about our attachements to things. I love and miss you!

Kip said...

He is very talented, like you are!!!

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