Friday, August 18, 2006

note to self

Remind me not to go grocery shopping in the middle of the afternoon after school lets out. Lord have mercy, it seemed like there were more children than adults in the grocery store this afternoon! I love children, but when they’re standing three abreast across the aisle trying to convince Mom to make a purchase, or pushing each other around in the smaller carts (there for children, of course!) without due deference to those of us there to do serious shopping (and my shopping was MOST serious!), I make a mental note to plan better in the future.

As for the shopping, I am slowly schooling myself in the world of things organic. Prices are appalling, but I think it’s reasonable to justify the added expense as for my health, just as I would the membership at the gym, or fees to play golf (never mind the equipment), and so on. Now the trick will be to learn to modify recipes and give my taste buds time to adjust to different things. I’m still balking on soy milk, but it may be a necessary plunge.

In the meantime I’m also considering taking on the adventure of making my own bread. We do have a bread machine, though I prefer to knead by hand (speaking of organic), and at one time in my life baking bread was not an uncommon thing. We’ll see. The first step is to learn the ropes of this metabolic alteration, and go from there. Thank goodness olives are on the “yes” list!

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