Monday, February 22, 2010

basking in the glow

Some days simply turn out to be special. Yesterday was one.

We had a good morning at church. A long-absent member has returned for the last three Sundays, and this day he and his eight-year old son were among the last to leave following coffee hour. A visiting couple were also among the last to leave, and before they departed she had signed up to bring part of one of our Lenten meals. No fewer than three people told me that the sermon resonated with them. In a small church, that is high praise!

It was a beautiful day, and after we got home from church I had a chance to tackle some minutiae and take Juliet for a walk before we launched into the next part of our agenda.

At 2:30 we returned to the church to meet some others to carpool downtown to the cathedral. There, we enjoyed a wonderful organ concert by the assistant organist at Sewanee (the university, not the seminary), followed by an extraordinarily beautiful evensong. Before any of the musical events got underway I snapped a few interior shots with my camera, the above Tiffany windows being one of them. It is such a glorious space.

After evensong our group went to a favorite Nashville restaurant, Amerigo's, where we enjoyed lively conversation and good food. (I really wanted the cheese fritters as an appetizer but restrained myself. I would also have loved the tomato basil soup but it would have been too filling. I might try to make some of that myself this week.) I also got to write on the paper-covered tablecloth not once, but twice, the second time rendering my version of what a new entrance to the church building might look like. The present eight by eight narthex just doesn't suit.

It was a really good day, "one for the books" in many ways, and serving as inspiration to accomplish a lot today. Who says Lent has to be somber?


The Bug said...

Those are beautiful windows. I'm glad you had a good day. You deserve it!

Jules said...

Good morning Anne, your photo is lovely and those books look divine. I loved your pretty!

Jayne said...

I remember Amerigo's! :c) Glad it was such a wonderful day.

Mompriest said...

awesome! glad your day went so well!


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