Monday, February 08, 2010

monday miscellany

One would think that after so many gray, cold, wet and raw winter days, the dawning of yet another one (not to mention that it's a Monday) would find me with my head under the covers and uninspired to to anything but tuck into a corner with a book. And McKinlee. Not so! For some particular reason I am feeling almost perky--yes, perky!--on this typical February excuse for a day!

Maybe it's because the Saints won a much-deserved Super Bowl victory.

Maybe it's because I've just seen the new Spring product line for Pampered Chef and am totally excited about them.

Maybe it's because my mind is actually focused on what I need to get done today!

Whatever the reason(s), I'm pepped, and I have a few odds and ends upon which I would like to remark. This being my blog, and therefore my forum, here goes (and please forgive the catty entry--every now and then I just have to let rip)!
  • Queen Latifah: you rock, baby!
  • Who doesn't love a picture of a star quarterback with his almost one-year old son in his arms and tears in his eyes?
  • Carrie Underwood, who advised you on your wardrobe last night? At first glance it looked like you were trying to channel Elvis. And then I saw the shoes. Girl, that outfit was trash! Ken thinks you were every man's fantasy. Seriously? I guess the equivalent of the myth that women have a "bad boy" thing is that men have a trashy woman thing. For the record, I'm not one of those women. The only thing bad boys do for me is inspire the advice that they find something redemptive to do with their lives.
  • I love Pampered Chef!  It's not just the fabulous products (and I don't say that because I sell them: I sell them because they are fabulous!). It's everything the company does for its customers and it's consultants. And I'm here to tell all you stoneware fans that you if you love 'em you need to buy them now. For one thing, all the unglazed pieces are 20% off this month. And for another, there will be a price increase on stoneware in March. BUY NOW. And buy from me! Buy things besides stoneware! Just click on the link in the sidebar and go from there. If you live locally (Nashville area) choose "ship to host."  If you don't live locally your order can be shipped directly to you. Thank you. And if you're vacillating about this please consider: maybe you don't need any stoneware (or other products), but someone you love and for whom you need a gift soon would be thrilled to receive some! Or, if you know someone who doesn't read this blog and loves stoneware or PC, let them know! And, well, we've got a rehearsal dinner to pay for and I really need the business. Just being honest here.  Did I say thank you? I really mean it. Thanks.
  • Yolande, thanks for hosting the impromptu party last night. It was tons of fun and you're a peach!
  • Prayers for the community of Middletown, CT, my home state. There was an explosion at a power plant there on Sunday morning and there are still people unaccounted for.
  • Prayers for this Utah family, too. Our daughter forwarded the link to this blog. It's a heartbreaking story but is likewise inspiring. I think the Mom is demonstrating tremendous courage.It's a bit of a long read if you wade through it all, plus the daily updates (to which she links), but I think the wading is worth it. She is a natural story-teller and you want to read it all.
  • I need to finish up my valentines so I can get them in the mail. The pressure is on!
  • I'm going to hold my tongue about this Tea Party thing that took place in my very own Nashville. It's fine to disagree with someone, but lies and innuendo don't serve any good purpose. Should I feel encouraged that in spite of the presence of a certain former natioanl candidate AND a former president there were only 600 people there? See, I was nice!
Well, duty calls, and there are calls that I need to make, among other things. Off I go, hitting the ground running and whistling a happy tune. I take after my dad in that way, he used to whistle a LOT!

Cheers, y'all. To quote my friend Ruth, I hope your Monday is better than you expect!


Jan said...

How interesting that you sell and know about Pampered Chef products. I was invited through FB to one of those parties and figured it was like tupperware or something like that. I have not cooked with stoneware and so don't know if that is good or not. Guess I'll investigate some about it now, thanks to you. . . .I'd rather order from you anyway, but TN is too far from TX.

The Bug said...

I'll check out the stoneware - but I have to run it by Dr. M because he's the cook LOL.

I hadn't realized the turnout for Ms. P was so low - ha!

OK, I have to go now because people who are cheerful on a Monday are annoying :)

Jayne said...

Dear Lord in heaven...I just returned from Sara's blog... felt gut punched just reading their story. How tragic. Any of us could be there at any given time. Prayers ascend for them and Bronson.


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