Sunday, February 28, 2010

photographic week in review

The last week has been like feast or famine with activities and deadlines.

A wonderful Sunday afternoon with parishioners at the cathedral for music, and dinner afterward; shopping for dog food and replenishing the bin of biscuits (these are scraps); filling the car with a month+ of recycling for a trek to the recycling center in the next county (they do glass and more plastic); recognizing the prominence of photography in my life; I believe the coffee needs no further comment; my "grab and go" key chain, attached to a pouch with driver's license and debit card (this photo was prompted by a question on Country Girl's blog); and the afternoon sun lighting up a tree in our front yard, a reflection of some leisure that found its way into the end of my otherwise crazed week.

A good week, all in all, with a nice mix of business and pleasure. More weeks should be like this!


The Bug said...

You did a good job of reflecting your week in pictures - I enjoyed seeing them. I had some trouble this week because I had to let go of every picture being a piece of art - this is about letting people into my life & my life is NOT all about art that's for sure!

Jayne said...

LOVE your Shepherdess mugs!! :c)


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