Monday, February 01, 2010

the sound of fondness

A week ago today was the birthday of Robert Burns, poet laureate of Scotland for all time. Although the feast of St. Andrews, the country's patron saint, is a high holy day for national celebration, the Feast of Robbie Burns is probably the holiest day for Scots. It was the birthday of my beloved Border Collie, Brenna, and the date I chose to give McKinlee as her birth date as well, since we only had a ballpark estimation of how old she was when she was rescued.

The latter trivia notwithstanding, Robert Burns' birthday is a day I hold in high regard in my heart. Among his many poems, some set to music, is this beautiful lament, Ae fond kiss. It holds some personal significance, but mostly it is a tune that fills my heart with a bittersweet empathy for a love, even lost, that had such depth as to leave joy in its wake. 

Ae fond kiss, and then we sever
Ae farewell, and then forever
Deep in heart-wrung tears I'll pledge thee,
Warring sighs and goans I'll wage thee.

Who shall say that Fortune grieves him,
While the star of hope she leaves him
Me nae cheerful twinkle lights me,
Dark despair around benights me.

I'll ne'er blame my partial fancy:
Nothing could resist my Nancy
But to see her was to love her
Love but her, and love for ever.

Had we never loe'd sae kindly,
Had we never loe'd sae blindly,
Never met - nor never parted -
We had ne'er been broken-hearted.

Fare thee weel, thou first and fairest
Fare thee weel, thou best and dearest
Thine be ilka joy and treasure,
Peace, Enjoyment, Love and Pleasure

Ae fond kiss, and then we sever
Ae farewell, alas, for ever
Deep in heart-wrung tears I'll pledge thee,
Warring sighs and groans I'll wage thee.


Jan said...

Those Scots! Thanks for the poem and thoughts.

Jayne said...

Beautiful song! I have a pretty version she did with someone else on the Hands Across the Water CD. :c)

Kip said...

Beautiful song!


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