Saturday, February 20, 2010

date day

What began as a day of "must do's" ended up turning into a date day. I had an appointment at 9:30, after which a simple question turned into a lengthy and much needed conversation with his nibs. From there, the day scrambled, and became a series of episodes that were shared: lunch, a stop at the accountant's, Office Max, The Bread Store (as we call the place to pick up day-old or overproduced products made by Sara Lee), and finally, Tractor Supply for dog food.

It was at Tractor Supply that a grocery cart filled with books on clearance caught my eye. Having recently tapped back into my love for rubber stamps while making valentines, these three stamp books called my name and insisted that they come home with me. Well, at $3.99 apiece (their collective value is $67) I could hardly argue, so home they came. I would love to spend the day playing with stamps according to some of the techniques in these books, and play I may later this afternoon, although days around here never quite go according to desire or plan.

The date day also included producing some postcards to go into the mail to announce our Lenten program at church: a joint project between husband and wife (the postcards, not the program), then another trip out to the post office, home to make fish tacos, and then some leisurely time just to be together before resuming our daily quoto of watching Olympics.

All in all a wonderful, spontaneous-of-sorts day to begin the weekend. Wishing you a wonderful weekend as well.


The Bug said...

Sounds like a great day - I love it when Dr. M & have a day to spend doing things together. He's sick this weekend (I was overgenerous with my cold) so I'll be running those errands alone. Sigh.

Have a great weekend!

Jayne said...

We actually had a nice family outing yesterday too. :c) We went to Red Lobster for lunch (Sam's nirvana) and then to the Prime Outlets in Calhoun to let mom shop for an early b'day present at the Coach store. It was fun!! When we got home, we were out on the deck in the sunshine breathing in deep breaths of soon-to-be-spring air. Nirvana for me. :c)


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