Tuesday, February 23, 2010

calling all event planners!


As Trisha and Junior's wedding inches closer so does the rehearsal dinner. I've been exploring web sites looking for ideas: for themes, centerpieces, invitations, games, colors, and so on. Time is beginning to get short, and I haven't a clue which direction to take. I'm usually good at this. But then again, I'm not usually planning a party like this.

I know I don't need to stick with wedding colors, but for the record: the bridesmaid dresses are marine blue (a bit brighter and a tad greener than royal blue), and the bouquets will be a splash of spring colors--everything from yellow to pink to lime green...

Trisha's favorite color is red (she's a major Georgia Bulldogs fan) and Junior's color is camo. These don't exactly work as a blend. Pink is not an option.

We're borrowing tablecloths from the church, with topper choices of red, deep yellow/gold, lime green, dark purple and cornflower blue (I think--maybe periwinkle).

The wedding itself is influenced by the theme of simple elegance.

Money is not abundant.

The venue is a square room with windows on two+ sides, on an elevation overlooking the Savannah River rapids. Trees obstruct some of the view. Dinner is buffet, and it's not barbecue or fried chicken.

I'm thinking we might play some version of jeopardy, but I'm not sure I can come up with the right categories.

In short, I'm stuck, and I need all the creative juices of my readers for input and ideas. Let 'em rip, people, I'm all ears!


Jayne said...

Boy, I sure wish I could be of some help here, but planning events like this is so beyond my comfort zone. You are so creative my friend! I just know the exact plans will reveal themselves to you.

The Bug said...

I'm no help either - my rehersal dinner was country ham biscuits at the church fellowship hall. I'm sure they had some tableclothes & some flowers but I don't even remember! Boy those biscuits were good...

I do have a good friend who actually IS a wedding/event planner (she did my reception - gorgeous). I don't know if she'll have time to give you any pointers, but I'll pass this along & see!

KimQuiltz said...

I'm of no help either! EXCEPT to say that you are so good at Loving people, I just know that you will make them feel loved and supported and appreciated!

They are both soooo very beautiful, aren't they. *sigh* Ahhh, young love!

Jan said...

I don't have any creative ideas, except that I ordered colored m & m's in the bride's colors as favors, which I hand -sorted and put at each place at the table. (It was cheaper to order colors than putting names on the candies.) It was a lot of fun, which is all I remember from 3 1/2 years ago.


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