Thursday, February 25, 2010

thanks to mom...

In this morning's email was a collection of photos of food that had been, shall we say, embellished. There are some very funny and creative efforts, but of course I had to share the sheep with you.

Had a really fun bible study yesterday--a restart of the program since we have had several weeks off due to weather, my retreat, and a pastoral emergency. Good questions, several "aha!" moments, laughter, and the time passed before we knew it. Love those women. I call them affectionately "the BS girls."

We had a disappointing turnout last night but a very good experience of the Lenten program. We had a total of eight people, plus me. Two families were present, one of them a member from long ago who has recently returned, along with his wife and son. There was fruitful discussion and genuine interest and engagement. The gift of a small group!

I am HOPING that today will be free and clear of work. I will need to make a couple of pastoral phone calls, but otherwise I believe it can be a jammie day! I won't spend the day in my jams, of course, but I am anticipating that kind of leisure.

If you feel like a challenge, see what you can do with some fruits or vegetables in your fridge!
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The Bug said...

I don't like cauliflower OR olives - so these little sheep are the perfect use for them! Too cute! I wonder what the legs, eyes & ears are...

I'm sorry you didn't have a better turnout - maybe next week's will have increased attendance because the people who came last night will tell others how wonderful it was.

Jan said...

It's hard to face low turnouts and be in the joy of the moment. Sorry about that. Love the cauliflower sheep--takes too much creativity for me. Instead I am fixing cauliflower with eggs, cheese, milk, and ham tonight.

Jayne said...

Fun with food! And, of course, sheep for the Shepherdess!

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