Sunday, March 21, 2010

gathering light

Sunday afternoon we were invited to a "wine party at home" event. Like other home parties, the product is demonstrated/Sampled, and guests have an opportunity to purchase what they sample. It differs from home parties in many other respects, but we had a fun time with the people gathered at this party. Our hostess had tasty vittles (meatballs!), and we laughed and sipped and ate and laughed some more.

As a consultant for a home-based business myself I look at these events through somewhat of a critical eye. In the end, however, whether or not the consultant could pronounce the names of the wines wasn't as important as enjoying good company and having a fun time out with friends.

Icing on the cake was a break in the rainstorms that passed through our area all day, and being treated to this amazing double rainbow outside our hostess' front door. It was an incredible sight, and the rainbow was brilliantly defined as it arced through the sky. A lovely ending to a delightful gathering.


Jayne said...

Oooooo..... so pretty! Lucky you! Sunday was as ugly as Saturday was glorious, wasn't it? Today, highs in the 40's??? What's up with that?

The Bug said...

Love the rainbow! I actually like to go to home parties - but the problem is that I can't afford all the things I want. Sigh.

Mompriest said...

What a delightful time - and how beautiful!


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