Thursday, March 04, 2010

one gift for lent

Though this is a Christmas carol it speaks to the nature of sharing and giving during Lent. We read the text of this hymn last night at our program, but many were unfamiliar with it by name. It's the last line, always, that zings home the message.


Suzan said...

My absolute favorite Christmas hymn. How wonderful to use it in a Lenten message.

The Bug said...

Dr. M & I love this hymn! And you're right - it's very appropriate for Lent. Thanks!

Jan said...


Jayne said...

One of my favorites. We sing it a good bit during Advent. Our choir director loves it so much, he said it will be on his list for his funeral, even if it happens in!

Mompriest said...

one of my favorite hymns, too!

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