Saturday, March 13, 2010


I love the tag line of the Biography Channel: "Every life has a story." It's true.

One of the wonderful things about the blog world is learning about new blogs and new people and amazing stories. I've learned about and stumbled upon a bunch of new blogs recently, and my head just spins with the incredible things that people are writing and doing and sharing with the world.

I find inspiration, motivation, ideas, challenge, and beauty. Just a click away. I hear about truth that is so much stranger than fiction. The stories of people's lives dance or tear across the page. I feel privileged to glimpse the worlds of these strangers, and I'm grateful to have my world expanded. It's as though the cup of life has overflowed and spilled on me.

Last night we watched Who do you think you Are?, the new program that traces the ancestry of several celebrities. One of the things I enjoy about genealogy is discovering the stories behind the names and dates of the people whose DNA I carry. There are mysteries, too, that pique curiosity and invite speculation to fill gaps of knowledge. The mysteries beckon, and I can lose hours trying to tease out the truth from the information available.

As I think about my own story I find it hard to consider whether or not it's of interest to anyone else. I suppose that's true of all of us. Every now and then I contemplate the notion of writing a memoir, more for my own sake of recollection than to entertain or inform anyone else. There are a few members of my extended family who have done that, so the precedent is there. And I wonder, if I were to write my story, what would it be called?

This morning I invite you to consider that for yourself. If you were to write your story, what title would you give it? And for amusement's sake, if your story were to be made into a movie, who would play you in it? (And if you really want to pursue that, there's facial recognition software that will use your picture to see who you look like out there in the celebrity world. Google "facial recognition" and you'll find some.)  Should time and inclination allow, think on these things.


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

For years I wanted Kathy Bates to play me, but in recent years I've aspired to Judi Dench! I wonder what THAT means . . . .

Jayne said...

I've not seen that show yet, but just recently thoroughly enjoyed Louis Henry Gates series on PBS, The Faces of America. It was a five part show along those same lines, and it was fascinating. I cried along with Yo Yo Ma as he was presented with a copy of 600 years of genealogy compiled by his ancestors. My life? I have no clue what it might be called, or who I'd have play me. Will have to think on that one!


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