Thursday, March 11, 2010

on recovering from the blahs

I had one of those days yesterday where things came together. No "aha!-s," just the experience of finding synchronization with parts of the universe. Zenish.

After writing my blog entry I visited my usual round of blogs. At Contemplative Photography I found a picture of a sheep, so I knew all would be well. Diane's post resonated so deeply in my bones that I began to feel my being sorting itself into spiritual alignment. Ahhhh. She, in turn, referred me to two other blogs where I found food for my newly realigned spirit. I've added one of them to my blogroll.

From there the day fell into place. There was money to deposit in the bank, and in it went. Lunch with my husband. A bill paid. Shopping done to take a salad to church last night. And during our Lenten progam we made pretzels (we cheated using ready-to-put-in-the-oven dough). Did you know that pretzels are a traditional Lenten food? Go here to learn more. Fun stuff. We talked about symbols and their power, and the simple things that communicate volumes and ground us in our faith. I came home relaxed.

Today I am tackling carpets with my mighty steam vac, and working on invitations to the rehearsal dinner. And lingering in my pajamas.

May you find an opportunity today to linger in whatever feels like zen to you.


Jayne said...

What great blogs my friend. I've also added them both to my reader. Hope today continues to be a relaxed time for you. XOXO

Kip said...

Hope you have a wonderful day Anne. I gave up Lent for Lent. I'm pretty sure that's allowed.

Your agnostic friend, kip

Mompriest said...

I spent the day with Diana Butler Bass and a room full of folks interested in what she has to say about church, religion, and spirituality. It was a great day. I get to do the same thing tomorrow.

Glad your day was pleasant in this way!

Jan said...

That courage blog is wonderful! Thanks. Good work on steam vac-ing. Industrious!

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